Generic drag-and-drop ordering for objects in the Django admin interface
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A replacement for django-admin-sortable using an unintrusive approach.

This plugin is a generic drag-and-drop ordering module for sorting objects in the List, the Stacked- and the Tabular-Inlines Views in the Django Admin interface.

This module offers simple mixin classes which enrich the functionality of any existing class derived from admin.ModelAdmin, admin.StackedInline or admin.TabularInline.

Thus it makes it very easy to integrate with existing models and their model admin interfaces. Existing models can inherit from models.Model or any other class derived thereof. No special base class is required.

News in Version 0.6.4

  • Drop support for Django-1.7 and lower.
  • Feature request #107: Overidable SortableAdminMixin.get_max_order(request, obj) # Fixed #100: actions = none breaks functionality
  • Fixed #98: js error in admin
  • Fixed #55: TabularInline template THEAD colspan=2 broken
  • Fixed #82: SortableInlineAdminMixin screws up TabularInline colums
  • Fixed #104: Key 'order' not found

Many thanks to @rubengrill for fixing them!

Project's home

Detailled documentation on ReadTheDocs.

To ask questions or reporting bugs, please use the issue tracker.

Build status

Build Status

Why should You use it?

All available plugins which add functionality to make list views for the Django admin interface sortable, offer a base class to be used instead of models.Model. This abstract base class then contains a hard coded position field, additional methods, and meta directives.

This inhibits to create sortable abstract models. django-admin-sortable2 does not have these restrictions.


Copyright © 2016 Jacob Rief.

MIT licensed.