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The code-snippets gem renders HTML, and RSS for a Dynarex-usersblog.
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Introducing the Code-snippets gem

require 'code-snippets'

h = {
  filepath: '/home/james/snippets', 
  default_user: 'jrobertson',
  xsl: {
    outer: '', 
    page: '', 
    entry: '', 
    rss: ''

snippets ={config: h})

# return the front page
pg = '1'

# return the front page for tag 'json'
tag_pg = snippets.tag('json', '1')

# return the front page for user 'jrobertson'
user_pg = snippets.user('jrobertson', '1')

# return the front page for user 'jrobertson' with tag 'json'
user_tag_pg = snippets.user('jrobertson', 'json','1')

# return the rss feed for the front page
rss_pg = snippets.rss</pre>

installation sudo gem install code-snippets

This gem renders the HTML, and RSS for a dynarex-usersblog system, and it also powers

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