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Brackets Snippets extension.

Extension is available in the Brackets extension registry.

To install, go to the Brackets Extension Manager and search for brackets snippets.


Icon on the right toolbar shows you what snippets are available. Click any snippet to begin inserting.
Ctrl-Alt-Space to insert the snippet. (Cmd-Alt-Space on Mac).

type a trigger followed by parameters (optional), then hit Ctrl-Alt-V

f myFunc becomes

function myFunc () {

for x myArray becomes:

var x;
for (x = 0; x < myArray.length; x++) {


If you omit parameters, an inline form will appear. Use ESC to close the inline form or ENTER to complete the insertion.

Adding Snippets

You can create new JSON files in the data directory or you can edit the existing javascript.json file. Your JSON files can reference template files if they have a .snippet extension and are in the data\snippets directory. See html5.snippet for an example.