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This video game (inspired by the arcade hit Breakout!) is written in Java/JOGL implements various design decisions; shadows, scene graphs, collision detection, and particle physics.
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This video game (inspired by the arcade hit Breakout! is written in Java and utilizes JOGL in order to implements various design decisions such as shadows, scene graphs, collision detection, and particle physics.


The game gives the user control of a paddle which is used to bounce a ball towards a collection of bricks with the goal of destroying all of them to beat the level.

Brick Types

  • Regular Bricks
  • Bonus Bricks ** Drop power-ups ** Rubber Bricks ** Increase the speed (and strength) of the ball
  • Metal bricks ** Can only be broken with repeated hits or fast moving balls


Power-ups can both help and hinder the user. Good luck!

  • Shrink/Grow paddle ** Harder/Easier to hit

  • Speed up/slow down ball ** Increase/Decreasre strength

  • Brighter/Dimmer lighting ** Make it easier or harder to see

  • Grow/Shrink ball ** Increases/Descreases strength

  • Lower/Raise Bricks ** Faster/Slower ball return time

  • Split ball into multiple ** Just remember to keep at least one alive!

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  • Clone the repository

    git clone

  • Compile project

    javac src/*.java -d target/

  • Run project

    java -cp target/ Main


To contribute, submit any pull request and I will have look.


If you find any issues feel free to open a request in the Issues tab. If I have the time I will try to solve any issues but cannot make any guarantees. Feel free to contribute yourself.


Future Plans

  • Run using Java 8
  • Add pre requisite dependencies
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