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Drupal Admin UI

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This is an admin UI for Drupal, built with JavaScript and based on create-react-app.



Ensure that you currently have nothing running on port 80 (e.g. a local webserver) or port 3000 (e.g. a local node process). You can run lsof -i :80 -S to see what you currently have running.

git clone
cd drupal-admin-ui
make build
docker-compose up
(open a new terminal)
make install

If this fails and you see Killed from composer, you will need to increase your memory allocation for Docker.

You can run your Drupal commands inside the container (e.g. docker exec -it drupal_admin_ui_drupal drush status). Instead of first entering the container to run commands (with make drupal:cli), you can create an alias to run commands directly in the containers, e.g.

alias admin_ui_drupal='function _admin_ui_drupal() { docker exec -it drupal_admin_ui_drupal $@ };_admin_ui_drupal'
admin_ui_drupal drush status

The Makefile contains several useful commands! e.g. enabling XDebug.

Open the one time login link in your browser to log into Drupal. You will then have the following available:

URL Description Regular Drupal installation / JSON API endpoints A page taken over by the new admin UI. This uses the bundled version from packages/admin-ui/build, run yarn workspace admin-ui build in the node container to re-build


yarn workspace @drupal/admin-ui start will start the Webpack dev sever that comes with Create React App.


We have functional testing with Nightwatch, and component/unit testing with Jest.

When deciding which system to use to add test coverage, the general rule is Nightwatch should be used to test the common path, and Jest can be used for more detailed test coverage. Nightwatch tests will run slower as they simulate clicking around in a real browser.


  • If you don't know the password for admin, change it with docker exec -it drupal_admin_ui_drupal drush user:password admin admin
  • Update your .env.local file, setting NIGHTWATCH_LOGIN_admin_PASSWORD to the password you set above e.g. NIGHTWATCH_LOGIN_admin_PASSWORD=admin
  • If you want to test against the current JS, not the production build change set NIGHTWATCH_URL= in the .env.local file.
  • Run yarn workspace @drupal/admin-ui build, which creates a new production build to test.
  • Run yarn workspace @drupal/admin-ui nightwatch or yarn test to run all tests

React AXE

Due to outstanding performance issues, react-axe is behind a flag. To enable the assessment provided by react-axe, pass an environment variable when starting the application.

REACT_APP_AXE=true yarn workspace @drupal/admin-ui start

Contributing to This Repository

  • Fork this repo to your own user
  • Set your fork as origin, and this repo as upstream. From inside the drupal-admin-ui folder:
    git remote rm origin
    git remote add origin<your-username>/drupal-admin-ui.git
    git remote add upstream
  • Make your proposed changes on a branch and then push them to your fork
    git push origin <your-branch>
  • Make a pull request!
  • Switch back to master and pull in the latest changes
    git checkout master
    git pull upstream master
  • Our issue queue is public and you already have the required permissions to participate. However in order to perform administrative tasks, such as assigning issues or editing labels, make a request in #javascript in Drupal Slack to be added as a member of the Contributors Team

If someone has made a pull request and you would like to add code to their branch, there are a number of ways to move forward. It will be very helpful to get familiar with managing remotes in Git.

  • First, ping them in #javascript to discuss the addition/changes!

  • Once agreed, you can make a pull request to their fork/branch, which once accepted will appear in the pull request to the main jsdrupal/drupal-admin-ui repo

  • Alternatively, they could give you access to modify their branch directly at<username>/drupal-admin-ui/settings/collaboration (although bear in mind this will give access to their entire repository fork)

  • If you're unable to agree, or unable to get in touch with the author, you could create a new pull request that incorporates the work from their branch

    git remote add <their-username><their-username>/drupal-admin-ui.git
    git fetch <their-username>
    git checkout -b <branch-name> <their-username>/<branch-name>
    . work, commit things, etc
    git push <your-fork> <branch-name>

Extension Points Bundler

See the documentation in packages/extension-points for how this tooling works.


This is an admin UI for Drupal, built with JavaScript & React. ⬅️✌️➡️




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