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Python script to load firmware using STM32 bootloader

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Sending it back upstream. Support for stm32f2, mostly simple changes.
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Python script which will talk to the STM32 bootloader to upload and download firmware.

Original Version by: Ivan A-R <>

Usage: ./ [-hqVewvr] [-l length] [-p port] [-b baud] [-a addr] [file.bin]
    -h          This help
    -q          Quiet
    -V          Verbose
    -e          Erase
    -w          Write
    -v          Verify
    -r          Read
    -l length   Length of read
    -p port     Serial port (default: /dev/tty.usbserial-ftCYPMYJ)
    -b baud     Baud speed (default: 115200)
    -a addr     Target address

    ./ -e -w -v example/main.bin

Example: -e -w -v somefile.bin

This will pre-erase flash, write somefile.bin to the flash on the device, and then perform a verification after writing is finished.

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