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A possibile revision to the JSON-Patch format
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A possibile revision to the JSON-Patch format

What is This?

The JSON Patch specification was standardised quickly, due to a desire to have some format available for HTTP PATCHing JSON files.

As a result, the focus of that format is primarily on simplicity, often sacrificing functionality. We were very aware that specifications are often overly complex, because of the compromises that inevitably happen, and we wanted to avoid that so that implementation (and adoption) wouldn't be too difficult.

Since the RFC was published, a number of users and implementers have stepped forward, saying roughly "this is great, but..."

This repo is an attempt to gather and discuss these issues, as a prelude to working on a more-functional-but-still-lean followup format.

It may or may not be called "json-patch2"; that's just a placeholder.

How Do I Participate?

If you have a use case, problem or idea, please have a look through the issues list; if you can't find something that covers it, please submit a new issue, with as complete a description as possible.

Concrete proposals for syntax and semantics are always best.

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