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Angular Material Decorator

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Work In Progress

Angular Material has reached 1.0.0 however I do not feel it is remotely stable yet, this decorator is progressing very cautiously until that project hits a more stable milestone. That said, I have made an early alpha available and will continue to release alpha releases as I add new features, these are not production quality as the name alpha implies.

All this means is that it is very much a work in progress.


To test clone repo and:

npm install
bower install
gulp minify

Start favorite http server (http-server or puer for instance) and open examples/material-example.html

There is also a gulp watch task that minifys on change.

Known Issues

  • Almost nothing works if the schema uses bootstrap decorator features, it does not have array or complex keys yet and many other features are still missing or have no equivalent.
  • Needs development branch of angular schema form.
  • Only basic support for inputs, textarea, radios, radiobuttons, checkboxes, datepicker and tabs are implemented.
  • Angular material theme only works when $mdThemingProvider.alwaysWatchTheme(true); is used.
  • Until Angular Material hits 1.0.0 there is still chances that features may break again.


Contributions are welcome! Please see for more info.


Using the new builder opens up for a lot of optimization. Primarily we can get rid of a lot of small watches by using build helpers. For instance, slapping on a sf-changed directive only if the form definition has an onChange option.


npm install -g protractor
protractor test/protractor/conf.js

change baseurl in test/protractor/conf.js to match ur local environment.

Copyright (c) 2016 Marcel John Bennett, David Jensen