Recent developments

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First, as there has been a rather intensive period of planning and change, as there have been important new developments for the project.

The json-schema-form standard

A standard, json-schema-form, is being created.

The reason is that the concept of combining data, JSON Schema and a form definition is something that isn't just usable in a javascript angular web application, but in any framework, on any platform. Currently, there ports are angular-schema-form and react-schema-form, but delphi-schema-form and laravel-schema-form are planned as well. To make these ports easier to do, and for everything to work in harmony, a common ground has to be established, a standard.


  1. ASF has changed into using a more open governance model. This basically means that ASF is now governed by more people.
  2. An umbrella organisaton, json-schema-form, has been formed. As you can see, this repo is now a part of that Github organisation, not Textalk.


After a phase of planning, the following list of projects has been decided upon:

Release 1.0

The next major release of ASF will be 1.0.

The goal for that version is to include the breaking changes that is needed for future developents, like *Of and local $refs:

  • Break out the non-framework specific parts of ASF into a vanilla ES6 module
  • Remove the built-in bootstrap decorator, and in doing that require that users wanting to use that load that separately. The reason obviously being the material decorator.

The reason for the core break out is for all javascript-based ports of the json-schema-form concept to be able to share the same central code base. Work in that direction is being done in the json-schema-form-core repository.

Schema builder UI

There is now a UI for building schemas and forms being developed at json-schema-builder repository.

Ralphael Owino (main author), has a demo up already.

Schema and form repository

This is now a repository with template schemas and forms. So far all the types has been converted to JSON schema approximations, and also some has been further resolved and had (huge) forms generated. is big.


The documentation is evolving, and it is happening mostly on the wiki:

New gitter rooms

These are just started.