the bridge between jabber and telegram over chat-bots
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It makes a bridge between different IM-networks via chat-bot



Clone or download files

$ git clone


$ curl | tar -xf- -C /path/to/save


Copy sample-config.json to app-config.json and tune it up.

To determine Telegram room parameters, follow the procedure:

  1. Create a bot according to Telegram documentation

  2. It's essential to disable Privacy mode to make the bot to observe all messages in the room

  3. Manually add a bot to the room (using Telegram's invite functionality)

  4. Send a message to the bot directly, e.g. /my_id @bot_user_id

  5. Visit<bot_api_key>/getUpdates and extract "chat" object from there. E.g.

        "id": -1001054401089,
        "title": "bimo_test",
        "type": "supergroup"


$ npm run build


To start the bot:

  • Use the commands npm run prod for production settings or npm run dev for development.



To run tests use following command:

$ npm test

Setting up husky

If after the installation does not work git-hooks then run the following command in project directory.

$ node ./node_modules/husky/bin/install.js



Does it support bridging more than one room with a single bot?

  • No, it's not yet supported

What types of Telegram groups are supported?

  • The bot supports ordinary groups as well as supergroups.

The bridge only works XMPP -> Telegram, not Telegram -> XMPP.

  • Check the bot privacy settings, then remove the bot from the Telegram chat, and invite it again.

I can't find any id from my room when I go to<bot_api_key>/getUpdates

  • Sometimes the reply to this request is empty, keep on trying.


MIT © Andrey Gurtovoy