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Reaticulate provides a system for managing virtual instrument articulations in REAPER.

Learn more on the website, which includes installation instructions for users.


If you're a developer interested in contributing to Reaticulate, or an advanced user who wants to run untested bleeding edge code (which you should never use for projects that matter), you can check code out directly from git.

Note that Reaticulate depends upon the REAPER Toolkit, which is included as a submodule of this project.

You can clone Reaticulate like so, which will take care of fetching submodules:

git clone --recursive

Or, afterward, pulling to include submodule updates:

git pull --recurse-submodules

You can always explicitly fetch submodules after-the-fact:

git submodule update --recursive

Next, configure REAPER to point to the source files in the cloned directory:

  1. Load all actions under actions/*
  2. Create a symbolic link for each file in jsfx/ in REAPER's Effects/ directory. (Windows instructions here -- or use the very convenient shell extension.)
  3. Start the Reaticulate_Main.lua action as usual.

Legal Stuff

Reaticulate source code is released under the Apache License.

Some articulation icons are provided by Blake Robinson, and redistribution is not permitted. More information about those icons can be found here.

See LICENSE file for more details.