The beginnings of a CSS library for Python
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The beginnings of a CSS library for Python.

At present it implements a decent part of the CSS Selectors spec and the draft CSS3-Syntax spec.

Here's an example of the selectors implementation:

>>> import html5lib
>>> from cassidy.selectors import selector
>>> doc = html5lib.parse("<div><p id='foo'>hello</p><p class='bar'>world</p></div>")
>>> for element in selector("p").find(doc):
...     print element.toxml()
<p id="foo">hello</p>
<p class="bar">world</p>

>>> for element in selector("div .bar").find(doc):
...     print element.toxml()
<p class="bar">world</p>

The css3syntax directory is a work-in-progress implementation of CSS3-Syntax draft spec. is a test-driven implementation of selectors using css3syntax for tokenization and parsing rather than PLY as cassidy.selectors does. The same actual selector implementation is used, though. This version will likely replace the PLY-based version eventually.

Besides improving all the above, the plan next is to implement the property model and then value calculation and inheritance.