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A Python 3 library for generating (and analyzing) Ancient Greek inflectional paradigms.

greek-inflexion builds on my generic inflexion library, adding a stem database and ending rules for Ancient Greek along with accentuation logic built on top of my greek-accentuation library.

It can precisely generate (i.e. without over-generation) all the forms in the verbal paradigms in Louise Pratt's The Essentials of Greek Grammar, Helma Dik's Nifty Greek Handouts, and Keller and Russell's Learn to Read Greek. It can also generate the nouns in Pratt.

For each generated form, it can show the stem, ending, and morphophonological (sandhi) rule applied.

Entire paradigms can be generated at once in the same YAML format used for tests.

The library can also parse forms whose information is in the given lexicon or conjecture possible stem information if not.

For more of my work on linguistics and Ancient Greek, see


To run the full data tests from Pratt, Dik, and Keller and Russell, just run ./

For the noun data tests, run ./

See examples.rst for individual usage examples of the library.


Most of these are partially done elsewhere and I'm in the process of cleaning them up and moving them into this repo.

  • reduction of repetition in ending rules
  • better tools for analysis of forms
  • better stem shape heuristics when conjecturing stems
  • better stem conjecture when multiple forms available
  • richer stem database from principal parts lists
  • support for more nominal forms


Python library for generating (and analyzing) Ancient Greek inflectional paradigms





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