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code for exploring Ultima IV data files
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code for exploring Ultima IV data files

The output of is available at (also included in repo)

If you get Ultima IV for OS X from, the relevant files are in Ultima IV- Quest of the Avatar.boxer/C.harddisk which you can symlink ULT to for the scripts here to work.

files types

  • .CON: combat? (not supported yet)
  • .DNG: dungeons (not supported yet)
  • .EGA: graphics files, some are supported but not all yet
  • .TLK: talk data
  • .ULT: town (and castle) data including map(s) but not talk data

files in this repository

module for writing images out as PNG files

script for outputting the RLE-encoding .EGA files as PNGs

module for reading SHAPES.EGA file (used by and

script that reads WORLD.MAP and generates a PNG world map

script that extracts the maps out of the various town .ULT files and generates a PNG of each map (in progress)

work in progress understanding the rest of the town data (i.e. non-map) in .ULT files (in progress)

work in progress understanding the .TLK files

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