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A small utility for calling the Monero JSON RPC interface(s)
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A small utility for calling the Monero JSON RPC interface(s).

When developing software that uses the Monero RPC interface, one often ends up using curl to test the methods. This little script just aids the lazy from typing out the long curl commands or formatting the JSON payload.


Just copy to somewhere in your PATH.

Usage [host:]port method [name:value ...]

Examples 28081 get_version get_version 28081 get_block height:123456 28081 get_block hash:aaaac8fe6bd05f32aa68b9bd13d66d2056335a1a4a88c788f7a07ab8a1e64912 28084 get_transfers in:true 28084 get_address account_index:0 address_index:[0,1]


If you have the Monero source tree and set an enviroment variable MONERO_ROOT to its path, you can then use the doc command to search methods and get the expected parameters from the code. For example: doc transfer doc ".*bulk.*pay" doc ".*pay" doc ".*"

Supporting the project

If you use it and want to donate, XMR donations to:


QR code

would be very much appreciated.


Please see the LICENSE file.

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