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WordPress Shortcode Button (1.0.7)

Tinymce and Quicktag buttons (and modals) for outputting shortcodes. Built to work with CMB2.

Checkout the "Cool Shortcode" demo plugin which demonstrates how to use WDS-Shortcodes, CMB2 and this library.


  • Testing with all CMB2 field types

Example Use

// Include the library
require_once( 'Shortcode_Button/shortcode-button.php' );

function init_my_shortcode_button() {

	// the button slug should be your shortcodes name.
	// The same value you would use in `add_shortcode`
	// Only numbers, letters and underscores are allowed.
	$button_slug = 'shortcode_name';

	// Set up the button data that will be passed to the javascript files
	$js_button_data = array(
		// Actual quicktag button text (on the text edit tab)
		'qt_button_text' => __( 'Shortcode Button', 'shortcode-button' ),
		// Tinymce button hover tooltip (on the html edit tab)
		'button_tooltip' => __( 'Shortcode Button', 'shortcode-button' ),
		// Tinymce button icon. Use a dashicon class or a 20x20 image url
		'icon'           => 'dashicons-admin-appearance',

		// Optional parameters
		'author'         => 'Justin Sternberg',
		'authorurl'      => '',
		'infourl'        => '',
		'version'        => '1.0.0',
		'include_close'  => true, // Will wrap your selection in the shortcode
		'mceView'        => true, // Live preview of shortcode in editor. YMMV.

		// Use your own textdomain
		'l10ncancel'     => __( 'Cancel', 'shortcode-button' ),
		'l10ninsert'     => __( 'Insert Shortcode', 'shortcode-button' ),

		// Optional modal settings override
		// 'dialogClass' => 'wp-dialog',
		// 'modalHeight' => 'auto',
		// 'width'       => 500,

	// Optional additional parameters
	$additional_args = array(
		// Can be a callback or metabox config array
		'cmb_metabox_config'   => 'shortcode_button_cmb_config',
		// Set the conditions of the shortcode buttons
		'conditional_callback' => 'shortcode_button_only_pages',

		// Use if you are not using CMB2 to generate the form fields
		// 'form_display_callback' => '',

	$button = new Shortcode_Button( $button_slug, $js_button_data, $additional_args );
// This hook, with this priority ensures the Shortcode_Button library is loaded.
add_action( 'shortcode_button_load', 'init_my_shortcode_button', ( SHORTCODE_BUTTONS_LOADED + 1 ) );

 * Return CMB2 config array
 * @param  array  $button_data Array of button data
 * @return array               CMB2 config array
function shortcode_button_cmb_config( $button_data ) {

	return array(
		'id'     => 'shortcode_'. $button_data['slug'],
		'fields' => array(
				'name'    => __( 'Test Text Small', 'shortcode-button' ),
				'desc'    => __( 'field description (optional)', 'shortcode-button' ),
				'default' => __( 'default shortcode param value', 'shortcode-button' ),
				'id'      => 'shortcode_param',
				'type'    => 'text_small',
		// keep this w/ a key of 'options-page' and use the button slug as the value
		'show_on' => array( 'key' => 'options-page', 'value' => $button_data['slug'] ),


 * Callback dictates that shortcode button will only display if we're on a 'page' edit screen
 * @return bool Expects a boolean value
function shortcode_button_only_pages() {
	if ( ! is_admin() || ! function_exists( 'get_current_screen' ) ) {
		return false;

	$current_screen = get_current_screen();

	if ( ! isset( $current_screen->parent_base ) || $current_screen->parent_base != 'edit' ) {
		return false;

	if ( ! isset( $current_screen->post_type ) || $current_screen->post_type != 'page' ) {
		return false;

	// Ok, guess we're on a 'page' edit screen
	return true;


button hover Button hover

button-click-show-modal Click button and open modal

button-click-show-modal Submitted form inserts shortcode with params

button-click-show-modal Text tab quicktag button (operates identically)


  • 1.0.7

    • Introduce Shortcode_Button_MCE object for properly handling/parsing the MCE view for ajax, and add that object as an additional property to the 'shortcode_button_parse_mce_view_before_send' and "shortcode_button_parse_mce_view_before_send_{$button_slug}" filters. (#17)
    • Make text_medium and text_small CMB2 fields work properly. Fixes #20.
    • More consistent checkbox field styling. Props @JiveDig, #19 (and #18).
  • 1.0.6

  • 1.0.5

    • Fix incorrect content displaying when editing shortcodes with self-closing tags and content.
    • Fix radio button 'checked' value displays when editing shortcode.
    • Fix multicheck checkboxes 'selected' value displays when editing shortcode.
    • Fix select 'selected' value displays when editing shortcode.
  • 1.0.4

    • Make sure "file" field type inputs are populated when using MCE views and editing a shortcode.
    • When editing a snippet with content, normalize the content to address tinymce auto-paragraph issues.
  • 1.0.3

    • Hide modal manually to ensure it is hidden before CSS loads. Prevents flash of content.
  • 1.0.2

    • Fix broken loader. Needs to hook into a WordPress hook, and uses first available ('muplugins_loaded', 'plugins_loaded', 'after_setup_theme') to fire the include action.
  • 1.0.1

    • Handle repeatable groups for attribute values (or any array value) with a modified JSON string (which will need to be converted in your shortcode).
  • 1.0.0

    • Add a conflict-resolution loader (like CMB2), so that only one version of Shortcode_Button is loaded, and it always loads the newest version.
    • Use WordPress core wp.shortcode() javascript api.
    • Better handling for populating edit modal with CMB2 defaults, if set.
    • A bunch of fixes for when 'mceView' is enabled:
      • Add a wysiwyg editor to the edit modal to handle wrapping shortcodes ('include_close')
      • Better handling for populating edit modal with contents of shortcode being edited.
      • Better shortcode rendering in mce view. Your mileage may vary.
  • 0.2.3

    • Fix focus issue when modal opens. (#9)
    • Fix modal height/scroll issues when modal opens.
  • 0.2.2

    • Remove hidden image id from CMB2 file field type when closing the modal.
  • 0.2.1

    • Enables tinymce views, though the implementation needs manual effort per-shortcode. Can use the "shortcode_button_parse_mce_view_before_send" and "shortcode_button_parse_mce_view_before_send_$slug" to modify the shortcode display before it's returned to the view.
    • Added javascript events, 'shortcode_button:jquery_init_complete', 'shortcode_button:buttons_init_complete', 'shortcode_button:populate', 'shortcode_button:button_init_complete_'+ buttonSlug.
  • 0.2.0

    • Removes jQuery-UI dialog dependency which caused some obscure bugs.
    • Enable non-modal buttons for simply inserting shortcodes via the mce button.
    • Rename to more-sane Shortcode_Button classname.
    • Added javascript events, 'shortcode_button:clear', 'shortcode_button:open' and 'shortcode_button:close'.
  • 0.1.2

    • Add 'include_close' parameter for self-closing shortcodes. This also allows wrapping a selection with the shortcode.
    • Added a way that the "{$button_slug}_shortcode_fields" filter can pass content to be added inside the shortcode.
    • Add shortcode_button_js_url filter in case the JS assets are not enqueued properly.
    • Add the modal to the footer at an earlier priority so that scripts can be enqueued properly.
    • Added ability to register a shortcode button that does NOT open a modal (no fields, or added programatically)
    • Added javascript events, 'shortcode_button:click' and 'shortcode_button:insert'.
    • Better handling for nested field keys (i.e. ).
    • New hook, "shortcode_button_before_modal_{$button_slug}", added before the modal markup is output (for things like conditional enqueueing).
  • 0.1.1

    • Add override options for dialog modal's class, height, and width.
    • Better styling for CMB2 fields.
  • 0.1.0

    • Hello World!


Tinymce and Quicktag buttons for outputting shortcodes. Built to work with CMB2.






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