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Flash-Console is Actionscript 3 logger/debugger for flash, flex and AIR. It comes with a collection of features to help speed up your development.

Console overlays on top of your flash application. Remote logging feature is also available to log to an external console. No special browser or player version is required.

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#Main features

  • Channels
  • Priorities aka levels with colour code
  • Object linking where you can click on objects in log to inspect aka introspection
  • [CommandLineHelp Command line] CL - lets you execute code at runtime (as3 syntax)
  • [Remoting Remote logging] also as Adobe AIR app
  • No dependencies, requirements and non-invasive
  • Super fast!
  • [Addons] adds specialized features

#Other features

  • filtering/searching via exact match or regular expression
  • Roller tool Ro - shows display map of what's under your mouse pointer
  • Graph reporting numeric values (such as FPS, memory, user definable)
  • Ruler tool RL - Measure distances/degrees on screen
  • Garbage collection monitor - notifies you when objects of your interest are being garbage collected.
  • Key-binding to functions
  • Non-repetitive tracing
  • Customizable UI
  • Easy to remove when no longer needed

Console adds 50KB to your SWF.

#Controls img


See ReadMe for requirements and changes log.

See GettingStarted wiki for basic usages.

Any bugs or feature requests, please use Issues tab:

Any comments (good / bad / feature requests) after using Console? Please email luaye (@at) junkbyte(.dot) com Thank you

NOTE: This project is migrated from google codes repository