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jus is a development server and build tool for making static websites with no configuration and no boilerplate code. It has built-in support for browserify, ES6 and ES2015 with Babel, React JSX, GitHub Flavored markdown, syntax highlighting, Sass, Less, Stylus, Myth, Handlebars, browsersync and more.

Learn all about it at


npm i -g jus && jus


  • async: Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code
  • babel-preset-es2015: Babel preset for all es2015 plugins.
  • babel-preset-react: Babel preset for all React plugins.
  • babelify: Babel browserify transform
  • browser-sync: Live CSS Reload & Browser Syncing
  • browserify: browser-side require() the node way
  • chalk: Terminal string styling done right. Much color.
  • cheerio: Tiny, fast, and elegant implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server
  • chokidar: A neat wrapper around node.js / fs.watchFile / fsevents.
  • concat-stream: writable stream that concatenates strings or binary data and calls a callback with the result
  • connect-browser-sync: Connect middleware for BrowserSync.
  • cors: middleware for dynamically or statically enabling CORS in express/connect applications
  • event-emitter: Environment agnostic event emitter
  • exif-parser: A javascript library to extract Exif metadata from images, in node and in the browser.
  • express: Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework
  • fs-extra: fs-extra contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla Node.js fs package. Such as mkdir -p, cp -r, and rm -rf.
  • get-image-colors: Extract colors from images. Supports GIF, JPG, PNG, and even SVG!
  • handlebars: Handlebars provides the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration
  • handlebars-helpers: More than 180 handlebars helpers in ~20 categories. Can be used with Assemble, Ghost, YUI, express.js, etc.
  • html-frontmatter: Extract key-value metadata from HTML comments
  • identicon: A Ruby library that generates GitHub-like identicons
  • image-size: get dimensions of any image file
  • inflection: A port of inflection-js to node.js module
  • js-yaml: YAML 1.2 parser and serializer
  • less: Leaner CSS
  • lil-env-thing: A tiny convenience module for managing process.env.NODE_ENV
  • lobars: lodash functions as handlebars helpers
  • lodash: Lodash modular utilities.
  • minimist: parse argument options
  • morgan: HTTP request logger middleware for node.js
  • myth: A CSS preprocessor that acts like a polyfill for future versions of the spec.
  • node-sass: Wrapper around libsass
  • open: open a file or url in the user's preferred application
  • remark: a markdown processor powered by plug-ins
  • remark-highlight.js: Highlight code blocks in Markdown files with highlight.js.
  • remark-html: Compile markdown to HTML with remark
  • remark-slug: Add slugs to headings in remark
  • require-dir: Helper to require() directories.
  • stylus: Robust, expressive, and feature-rich CSS superset
  • tmp: Temporary file and directory creator
  • upath: A proxy to path, replacing \ with / for all results & methods to add, change, default, trim file extensions.

Dev Dependencies

  • chai: BDD/TDD assertion library for node.js and the browser. Test framework agnostic.
  • cross-env: Run scripts that set and use environment variables across platforms
  • mocha: simple, flexible, fun test framework
  • nixt: Simple and powerful testing for command-line apps
  • path-exists: Check if a path exists
  • travis-deploy-once: Test multiple node versions on Travis. Deploy once. If all of them pass
  • semantic-release: Fully automated version management and package publishing

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