simple, flexible, fun javascript test framework for node.js & the browser
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assets Add new logo/banner assets (#1841) Apr 17, 2016
bin Report non-match to STDERR and exit if no files are matched (#2450) Sep 18, 2016
editors/JavaScript mocha.tmbundle Restricted tmbundles to js scope. Renamed bdd-describe Jan 10, 2013
images Minify growl images Jul 20, 2013
lib fix: fix uncaught TypeError if error occurs on next tick, closes #2315 ( Sep 22, 2016
media make project follow editorconfig rules Sep 29, 2014
scripts fix test files not using .spec suffix Sep 17, 2016
test attempt windows-friendly reproducible case for #2315 Sep 22, 2016
.editorconfig update .editorconfig to respect trailing whitespace in markdown files Oct 17, 2014
.eslintignore always halt execution when async skip() called; closes #2465 (#2479) Sep 16, 2016
.eslintrc Upgrade eslint package to 2.13 version (#2389) Aug 1, 2016
.gitignore adds *.orig to .gitignore Aug 28, 2016
.mailmap update, contributors, .mailmap May 23, 2016
.npmignore Add new logo/banner assets (#1841) Apr 17, 2016
.travis.yml add production "sanity" check to Travis CI Aug 1, 2016 prep release v3.0.2 [ci skip] Aug 8, 2016 fix more bad markdown in Nov 18, 2014
LICENSE chore(license): update license year to 2016 Jan 18, 2016
Makefile fix test files not using .spec suffix Sep 17, 2016 Update README's header section (#2214) Apr 17, 2016
appveyor.yml run tests on appveyor; closes #1813 Jul 1, 2016
bower.json update woefully out-of-date bower.json [ci skip] Aug 1, 2016
browser-entry.js lints more files; add more files to lint check; closes #2457 Aug 28, 2016
index.js drop jsoncov/htmlcov reporters; closes #2356 Aug 1, 2016
karma.conf.js rename more fixtures; closes #2383 Sep 19, 2016
mocha.css fixed typo in mocha.css introduced by 185c0d9 [ci skip] Aug 1, 2016
mocha.js lints more files; add more files to lint check; closes #2457 Aug 28, 2016
package.json revert accidental change to bin paths Sep 14, 2016

Mocha test framework

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Mocha is a simple, flexible, fun JavaScript test framework for node.js and the browser. For more information view the documentation.



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