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tmux-pomodoro Build Status


  1. Download the latest package for your platform from the Releases page.
  2. Untar the package with tar -zxvf tmux-pomodoro*.tar.gz.
  3. Move the extracted pomodoro file to a directory in your $PATH (for most systems, this will be /usr/local/bin/).

Or, if you have a Go development environment:

go get github.com/justincampbell/tmux-pomodoro


Tmux Configuration

# Place the current pomodoro status on the right side of your status bar
set -g status-right '#(pomodoro status)'

# Map a key to start a timer
bind-key p run-shell 'pomodoro start'


  • start Start a timer for 25 minutes
  • status Show the remaining time, or an exclamation point if done
  • clear Clear the timer

start and clear also call tmux refresh-client -S, which will instantly update your tmux status bar shell commands.