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Create ACI images from Debian packages

This is a simple tool to create an ACI image using your operating system packages.

It includes an example to build a Java7 base image in java7.

Steps to create your ACI image:

  1. Create a directory to hold your work (e.g. java7)
  2. Create the packages file with a list of packages to be installed, one per line.
  3. Create a manifest file which will be your ACI manifest.
  4. (Optional) Create a postbuild script to do any post-processing after the packages are installed. Here, we set up a convenience symlink.
  5. Run ./packages2aci <dirname> to build your ACI image (e.g. ./packages2aci java7)

Your ACI image is then in <dirname>/image.aci. Run it using:

sudo rkt --insecure-skip-verify=true run java7/image.aci


  • You have to specify each package individually; it doesn't do recursive dependency analysis.
  • This works using your currently installed operating system, so is OS dependent. (This could easily be fixed by doing this inside a rkt image!)


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