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slair (Slack + Flair)

This is a small program that helps me keep my Slack profile name in line.

My corp Slack profile is reset to my full name every time I log in, so I got into the habit of changing it to my nickname every day. Then, for fun, I started adding emoji flair on the end. Well, that didn't last long before I thought about automating the name-fixing and flair-adding.

This repo is the result.


$ go get

Or, download from the releases page.

Example usage

Set Slack token via environment variable:

$ export SLACK_TOKEN=xoxp-zzzzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzz

Alternatively, the slack token can be passed as an argument (-t).

Change your profile name (supports utf8 emoji):

$ slair -f Jim -l Bob
$ slair -f Jim -l "Bob ☁️"

Set name only if a certain old name is found:

$ slair -f Jim -l Bob -o James

Continuously correct the name every N minutes:

$ slair -f Jim -l Bob -o James -c 15

Append some flair at the end:

$ slair -f Jim -l Bob -c 15 -p single
$ slair -f Jim -l Bob -o James -c 15 -p 3pal

Possible values for -p are:

  • 'single': a single emoji picked from a list
  • '3pal': three emojis in a palindrome (e.g. 💥☁️💥)

Specify a different set of emoji to pick from:

$ slair -f Jim -l Bob -c 15 -p single -e :boom:,:tada:
$ slair -f Jim -l Bob -o James -c 15 -p 3pal -e boom,tada

Emoji can be specified in first or last name too:

$ slair -f Jim -l "Bob :cloud:"

If permissions are correct, can update other users:

$ slair --lookup-user bob
$ slair -f Jim -l Bob -u UZZZZZZZZ

List out available emoji:

$ slair --list-emojis



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