Command line interface for the smartcrop library to provide content aware image cropping.
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Command line interface for smartcrop.js

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Example Image: by N. Feans

You can learn more about smartcrop.js on the library homepage

If the optional dependency node-opencv is installed smartcrop-cli can additionally detect faces and take them into account when finding the optimal crop.


You can install smartcrop-cli using npm:

npm install -g smartcrop-cli


Smartcrop-cli requires image magick to operate. On Debian based systems apt-get install imagemagick on mac os brew install imagemagick.


Usage: smartcrop [OPTION] FILE [OUTPUT]

  smartcrop --width 100 --height 100 photo.jpg square-thumbnail.jpg    generate a 100x100 thumbnail from photo.jpg

  --config         path to a config.json
  --width          width of the crop
  --height         height of the crop
  --faceDetection  perform faceDetection using opencv
  --outputFormat   image magick output format string     [default: "jpg"]
  --quality        jpeg quality of the output image      [default: 90]
  -*               forwarded as options to smartcrop.js