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hackerspace entertainment system
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nichtparasoup is a hackspaces entertainment system. It randomly displays images/gifs from giphy,, pr0gramm, 4chan, 9gag and reddit.


At our hackspace k4cg we use it since 2 years now. It turns out to be a very non-invasive way of entertaining a crowd of nerds without having the noise and interruptions of videos or other stuff.

Here is what it looks like in your browser screenshot

and even better, on a beamer in your local hackspace! hackspace


Visit to try it!


git clone
cd nichtparasoup
pip install -r requirements.txt

after that you can just run

./ &


configuration takes place in config.ini - edit the file to your needs or you may write a derived config myCustom.ini and start the server via -c myCustom.ini. if you do so, you may edit some of the sections. not all is needed since most things are already defined in the config.defaults.ini which may be overwritten by your custom config file.

Some example config files are included in the configs directory.


specify port, bind address and user agent that nichtparasoup uses for visiting the sites on crawler

Port: 5000
Useragent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10) AppleWebKit/600.1.25 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/8.0 Safari/600.1.25
Urlpath: /sfw

the Urlpath parameter specifies where the application should listen on. For example the value /sfw would configure the webserver listening on http://localhost:5000/sfw/


  • Images indicates how many images will be loaded per crawler on each crawler run
  • Images_min_limit configures at how many images the crawler starts again collecting new images from the sites.
Images: 30
Images_min_limit: 15


logging section is mostly self-explaining

Log_name: nichtparasoup
File: nichtparasoup.log
Verbosity: debug


Configuration of your source work like this.

; set to false or remove a Crawler, to disable it
SoupIO: everyone
Pr0gramm: new,top
Reddit: nsfw,gifs,pics,nsfw_gifs,aww,aww_gifs,reactiongifs,wtf,FoodPorn,cats,ImGoingToHellForThis,EarthPorn,facepalm,fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu,oddlysatisfying
NineGag: geeky,wtf,girl,hot,trending
Instagram: cats,animals,pornhub,nerdy_gaming_art,nature,wtf
Fourchan: b,sci
Giphy: feels, alcohol, fail, troll, diy, robot, stars, physics

For example Reddit: wtf,gifs will end up in and end up being in the crawler. For 9gag you can add any site that hits the scheme<topic>.

Crawlers can be weighted against each other with optional factors ranging from 0.1 to 10.0:

SoupIO: everyone*2.5
Pr0gramm: top*5.0,new*0.5

The default factor is 1. In the configuration above the images from SoupIO-everyone should be around the half of Pr0gramm-top as well as around five times as much as Pr0gramm-new.


/!\ attention: keep the code compatible for py2 and py3.

server side & crawlers

you find a crawler missing or not working? feel free to fill the gaps.

writing a crawler will take less than half an hour. just grab one of the existing implementations, copy it, modify it, test it.

don't forget to write a test config to tests/configs and use this for testing your work easily.

if you like, you may also contribute a logo for the frontend. just follow the instructions from the templates_raw/root/css/sourceIcons.css file and compile the frontend afterwards.


/!\ see the template_raw dir and the read the README there.

basically, check out the repo and initialize the template bundler

As the template bundler is a separate repo you have to execute the following commands if you want to use it (to create your own templates).

git submodule update --init --recursive
cd templates_raw/_bundler
pip install -r requirements.txt



You can interact with nichtparasoup in an "api" way very easy. For example curl localhost:5000/<command>. You can insert every command here listed below.

  • /get - gets a image url from the list and prints out the url
  • /imagelist - prints out every image url in the cache
  • /blacklist - prints out every image url that is blacklisted (e.g. "already seen")
  • /status - prints number of images in cache and blacklist and size in memory of these two lists
  • /flush - will delete everything in cache but not in blacklist
  • /reset - deletes everything in cache and blacklist


when you start nichtparasoup

  • fill up cache by startup (30 imageurls cached per defined crawler by default)
  • starts up the webserver
  • point your browser to the configured localhost:5000/
  • startpage will request single image randomly by /get and show them
  • when cache is empty, it will be refilled by the crawler automatically
  • you will (hopefully) get new results.

keep in mind: every time you restart nichtparasoup, the cache forgets about its previous shown images. So is not persistent.

cache_fill in threads

once you start up nichtparasoup the crawler will initially fill the cache up Images. this happens in a separate thread in the background. when your configured Images_min_limit get hit, the crawler starts choosing a new random image provider (see at the top) and refills your cache. the crawler thread wakes up every 1.337 seconds and checks the status of the current imgmap.


MIT - see the LICENSE file for details.


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