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Uses Amazon S3 for storing attachments
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S3 plugin for Redmine


This Redmine plugin makes file attachments be stored on Amazon S3 rather than on the local filesystem. This is a fork for original gem and difference is that this one supports Redmine 2


  1. Make sure Redmine is installed and cd into it's root directory
  2. git clone git:// plugins/redmine_s3
  3. cp plugins/redmine_s3/config/s3.yml.example config/s3.yml
  4. Edit config/s3.yml with your favourite editor
  5. bundle install --without development test for installing this plugin dependencies (if you already did it, doing a bundle install again whould do no harm)
  6. Restart mongrel/upload to production/whatever
  7. Optional: Run rake redmine_s3:files_to_s3 to upload files in your files folder to s3
  8. rm -Rf plugins/redmine_s3/.git

Options Overview

  • The bucket specified in s3.yml will be created automatically when the plugin is loaded (this is generally when the server starts).
  • Deprecated (no longer supported, specify endpoint option instead) If you have created a CNAME entry for your bucket set the cname_bucket option to true in s3.yml and your files will be served from that domain.
  • After files are uploaded they are made public, unless private is set to true.
  • Public and private files can use HTTPS urls using the secure option
  • Files can use private signed urls using the private option
  • Private file urls can expire a set time after the links were generated using the expires option
  • If you're using a Amazon S3 clone, then you can do the download relay by using the proxy option.

Options Detail

  • access_key_id: string key (required)
  • secret_access_key: string key (required)
  • bucket: string bucket name (required)
  • folder: string folder name inside bucket (for example: 'attachments')
  • endpoint: string endpoint instead of
  • port: integer port number
  • ssl: boolean true/false
  • secure: boolean true/false
  • private: boolean true/false
  • expires: integer number of seconds for private links to expire after being generated
  • proxy: boolean true/false
  • thumb_folder: string folder where attachment thumbnails are stored; defaults to 'tmp'
  • Defaults to private: false, secure: false, proxy: false, default endpoint, default port, default ssl and default expires


This plugin is released under the MIT License.

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