Migrating from Ghost to Journey

Kai H edited this page May 5, 2015 · 7 revisions

You can use your existing Ghost data with Journey if you'd like to!

It's a simple five step process:

  1. Copy your ghost.db (or ghost-dev.db, depending on which one you want to convert) from ghost/content/data to journey/content/data.
    • Make sure there is no journey.db in journey/content/data or your Ghost database won't be converted.
  2. Copy all folders from ghost/content/images to journey/content/images.
  3. Copy all folders from ghost/content/themes to journey/content/themes.
  4. Start Journey. Your Ghost database will be converted to journey.db.
  5. Log into the Journey admin interface with your Ghost credentials (remember to use your user name, not your email as you do with Ghost). Under Settings, change the theme to the one you used with Ghost.

NOTE: Once you've converted your database with Journey, you cannot use it with Ghost anymore. Always keep a backup of your Ghost database!

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