PhysFS++ is a C++ wrapper for the PhysicsFS library.
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PhysFS++ is a C++ wrapper for the excellent PhysicsFS library by Ryan C. Gordon and others.

It is licensed under the zlib license - same as PhysicsFS (at the time of writing).


CMake for building, and, of course, the PhysicsFS library.


The wrapper simply wraps most functions in a PhysFS namespace, and gives them C++ signatures (std::string rather than const char *).


  • Functions that are related to byte order conversions are placed in the PhysFS::Util namespace.
  • Instead of replicating PHYSFS_openRead, PHYSFS_openWrite, and PHYSFS_openAppend, files are opened as streams using PhysFS::ifstream and PhysFS::ofstream.
  • ofstream's constructor takes a mode, which specifies either append or write.
  • Both ifstream and ofstream are standard streams, and only have an extra method - length, which calls PHYSFS_fileLength.