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Redis cache backend for Zend Framework with support for tags. Uses PHP module phpredis by nicolasff at
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Redis cache backend for Zend Framework by Carl Oscar Aaro

Requires the phpredis extension for PHP to enable PHP to communicate with the Redis key-value store. Start with installing the phpredis PHP extension available at

Set up the Redis cache backend by invoking the following code somewhere in your project.

$redisCache = Zend_Cache::factory(
    new Zend_Cache_Core(array(
        'lifetime' => 3600,
        'automatic_serialization' => true,
    new Extended_Cache_Backend_Redis(array(
        'servers' => array(
                'host' => '',
                'port' => 6379,
                'dbindex' => 1,

Writing and reading from the cache works the same way as all other Zend Framework cache backends.

$cacheKey = 'my_key';
$data = 'e48e13207341b6bffb7fb1622282247b';

/* Save data to cache */
$redisCache->save($data, $cacheKey, array('tag1', 'tag2'));

/* Load data from cache */
$data = $redisCache->load($cacheKey);

/* Clear all keys with tag 'tag1' */
$redisCache->clean(Zend_Cache::CLEANING_MODE_MATCHING_ANY_TAG, array('tag1'));

/* Clear all cache (flush cache) */
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