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Parametrize From File

Parametrize From File is a library for reading unit test parameters from config files. It works with the pytest framework. Below is the basic workflow that this package enables:

  • Write test cases in a JSON, YAML, TOML, or NestedText file:

    # test_misc.yml
      - a: 1
        b: 2
        c: 3
      - a: 2
        b: 4
        c: 6
  • Decorate the corresponding test functions with @parametrize_from_file:

    import parametrize_from_file
    def test_addition(a, b, c):
        assert a + b == c
  • Run pytest as usual:

    $ pytest
    ============================= test session starts ==============================
    platform linux -- Python 3.8.2, pytest-6.2.4, py-1.9.0, pluggy-0.13.1
    rootdir: /home/kale/hacking/projects/parametrize_from_file, configfile: pyproject.toml
    plugins: forked-1.1.3, anyio-3.1.0, xonsh-0.9.27, typeguard-2.12.1, cov-2.8.1, xdist-1.32.0, hypothesis-5.8.3, mock-2.0.0
    collected 1 item ..                                                          [100%]
    ============================== 1 passed in 0.12s ===============================

Refer to the online documentation for more information.