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Adds Disqus comment system to your Shaarli
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Shaarli Disqus plugin

This is a plugin to add Disqus the famous comment system to your Shaarli.

Comments will appear only on permalinks (when URL looks like http://monsite/?6b50oQ).


Via Git

Run the following command from the plugins folder of your Shaarli installation:

git clone disqus

It'll create the disqus folder.


Create the folder plugins/disqus in your Shaarli installation. Download the ZIP file of this repository and copy all files in the newly created folder.


Without the plugin administration page

Edit the data/config.php file and add disqus in the array $GLOBALS['config']['ENABLED_PLUGINS']. It'll look like this (potentially with other plugins):

$GLOBALS['config']['ENABLED_PLUGINS'] = array (

With the plugin administration page

If your Shaarli installation is recent enough to have the plugin administration page, you just need to go to the plugin administration page, check disqus and save.


You can configure either via the plugin administration if you have it or via the data/config.php file in which you need to add lines with the following format (for each parameter you want to set):


DISQUS_SHORTNAME [required] The shortname of your Disqus account.


I you installed it through Git, run the following command from within this plugin's folder plugins/disqus:

git pull

Otherwise, download the ZIP file again from Github and override existing files with new ones.

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