Vagrant configuration that lets you easily spin up a local Jekyll-powered GitHub pages server
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This repository consists of a Vagrant configuration plus provisioning Bash script that let you easily vagrant up a local mirror of any Github Pages repository. It accompanies my blog post: Vagrant, Jekyll and Github Pages for streamlined content creation.

Getting started is straightforward:

$ git clone
$ cd vagrant-up-github-pages
$ export REPO=''
$ vagrant up

That's all there is to it. Now you can:

  1. Access your website by browsing to http://localhost:4000.
  2. Edit files locally, inside the www subfolder.
  3. Simply vagrant up directly in the future to start the guest (no bootstraping needed).

Jekyll will:

  1. Recompile everything when changes are detected.
  2. Log all activity in /home/vagrant/jekyll.log.
  3. Automatically start serving your repo on every vagrant up.