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These are unit-tests for Karamba3D.


In order to run the tests do the following:

  • download and install the latest version of Karamba3D 2.0.0 from 'karamba.dll' from
  • install the 'NUnit3 Test Adapter' extension for Visual Studio
  • download this repository, unpack and open Karamba3D_tests.sln with Visual Studio
  • Update the nuget packages in Visual Studio by right-clicking on 'References' and choosing 'Manage NuGet Packages...'.
  • In Visual Studio Right-click on KarambaCommon_tests, select 'Properties' from the drop-down-list, go to 'Debug' and set the Working Directory to the Karamba3d installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Karamba).
  • Give yourself write rights to the Karamba3d installation folder (first reset the owner, then add effective access)
  • Under 'References' refresh the reference to 'karambaCommon' which is found in the Karamba3d installation folder. Make sure that 'Copy Local' is set to true for 'karambaCommon' - get there in Visual Studio via left-click on 'karambaCommon' and Properties.
  • Copy the folder 'LicenseTest' from the root of this repository to 'C:\temp'.
  • Copy 'karamba.dll' and 'libiomp5md.dll' from the Karamba3d installation folder to 'Karamba3D_tests'

How to run the tests:

There are two basic methods:

  • run directly from Visual Studio via Ctrl+F10 if you want to run to the cursor, or Ctrl+F5 if you want to run all the tests. In this case 'KarambaCommon_tests.exe' in 'Karamba3D_tests\KarambaCommon_tests\bin\x64\Debug' gets invoked. In order to work, 'karambaCommon.dll' needs to be present in that directory. This is the reason why it is necessary to set 'Copy Local' to 'true' for 'KarambaCommon.dll'.

    For selecting only some tests change ' #if ALL_TESTS' to e.g. ' #if _ALL_TESTS' at those tests, and change the conditional compilation symbol 'ALL_TESTS' to '_ALL_TESTS' (see Properties/Build).

  • run tests via the 'Test Explorer' via 'Test/Test Explorer' from the MSVC menu.

Special notice on handling licenses

For executing the tests it is sufficient to use a trial license. The license file is searched for in the folder 'KarambaCommon_tests\bin\x64\Debug\License' by default. So the license folder needs to be placed alongside 'KarambaCommon.dll' like in the Karamba installation folder. If the 'License'-folder can not be found the license type defaults to 'trial'. In case you want to create tests which go beyond the limits of the trial-version copy your license.lic-file from the Karamba installation folder to the corresponding location in the bin-folder of the tests.

If you want to use your Zoo-server or Zoo cloud license for testing you have to start Rhino and acquire the license via the 'Karamba3DGetLicense'-command, then run the tests.

The test 'ActivateLicense()' in KarambaCommon.Tests.License is an exception in that it tries to load a license from 'C:\temp\LicenseTest\license.lic'. Once loaded a license persists until program execution terminates or Karamba.Licenses.License.unload() is called. When using your own license.lic-file make sure to copy it also to 'C:\temp\LicenseTest\license.lic'. When using Zoo licenses comment out the test in order to avoid problems.


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


  • Clemens Preisinger
  • Enrico Antolini

See also list of contributors who participated in this project


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details