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dockerized (postgres + nginx + golang + react)
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PNGR Stack

Dockerized (postgres + nginx + golang + react) starter kit

Only implements basic user signup, session management, and a toy post type to demonstrate basic CRUD. PNGR is not a CMS.


  • Hot-reload, front and back, including a test-runner for golang changes
  • JSON Web-Token cookies with automatic refresh: ready for horizontal scaling
  • Uses multi-stage builds for small production images
  • Feature development is up to you!


  • Install docker && docker-compose

Quick Start

  1. docker-compose up
  2. Visit https://localhost (note https)
  3. Approve the self-signed cert
  4. Make changes to either golang or react code, and enjoy hot-reload goodness!

Preview of the app:

Screenshot of the app

Rebuilding your dev environment

Maybe your postgres went sideways from a wonky migration and you don't want to muck with fixing it.

docker-compose down -v && docker-compose up --build --force-recreate

Deploying to Production

Warning: Run in production at your own risk - this code is not security hardened!

You should install postgresql on the host. Then you can use to build lean images to use in production. Don't forget to copy .env.example -> .env and setup your secrets/passwords.


Some tips for working with your postgres docker instance

Creating and running migrations

Migrations are run using go-migrate.

I put together little bash scripts to help you get stuff done.

  • postgres/ my_migration_name will create a template for the next migration
  • postgres/ will execute any new migrations (this is used when the container is created)
  • postgres/ makes it easy to run arbitrary go-migrate commands (e.g. postgres/ down 1)

You can do more advanced migrate commands

Opening a psql client

docker-compose exec postgres psql -U postgres Remember to use \q to exit.


Nginx is simply used to route requests to the front-end and back-end based on path. It also terminates SSL so that we don't have to deal with certs in our app layer.


Almost-vanilla golang api:

  • Makes use of go modules for dependencies
  • jwt-go for JSON Web Tokens
  • sqlx for better postgres interface


The basic building blocks of the front-end are:

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