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Server Benchmarks

A benchmark suite which, transparently, stress-tests web servers and generates a report in markdown. It measures the requests per second, data transferred and time between requests and responses.

Benchmarks: Jun 20, 2020 at 8:17pm (UTC)

Why YABS (Yet Another Benchmark Suite)

It's true, there already enough of benchmark suites to play around. However, most of them don't even contain real-life test applications to benchmark, therefore the results are not always accurate e.g. a route handler executes SQL queries or reads and sends JSON. This benchmark suite is a fresh start, it can contain any type of tests as the tests are running as self-executables and the measuring is done by a popular and trusted 3rd-party software which acts as a real HTTP Client (one more reason of transparency). Contributions and improvements are always welcomed here.

Use case

Measure the performance of application(s) between different versions or implementations (or web frameworks).

This suite can be further customized, through its tests.yml file, in order to test personal or internal web applications before their public releases.


The only requirement for the benchmark tool is the Go Programming Language.

$ go get
$ go install

Depending on your test cases you may want to install Node.js and .NET Core too.

How to run

  1. Navigate to your tests directory, the one which includes a tests.yml file
  2. Open a terminal and execute: server-benchmarks
  3. Wait for the executable server-benchmarks (or server-benchmarks.exe for windows) to finish
  4. That's all, now open the the results from the generated file.

Advanced usage

  • Read the tests from the ./ file
  • Wait 3 seconds between tests
  • Output the results to the ./dev directory
  • Write the results to a remote google spreadsheet table, which you can convert to a graph later on (as shown above).
$ server-benchmarks --wait-run=3s -i ./ -o ./dev -g-spreadsheet $GoogleSpreadsheetID -g-secret client_secret.json

Run using Docker

The only requirement is Docker.

$ docker run -v ${PWD}:/data kataras/server-benchmarks


The following generated README contains benchmark results from builtin tests between popular HTTP/2 web frameworks as of 2022.

Note: it's possible that the contents of this file will be updated regularly to accept even more tests cases and frameworks.


Processor AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS with Radeon Graphics
RAM 15.42 GB
OS Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
Bombardier v1.2.4
Go go1.19beta1
.Net Core 6.0.300

| Node.js | v18.2.0 |

Last updated: Jun 20, 2022 at 8:17pm (UTC)


Name is the name of the framework(or router) used under a particular test.

Reqs/sec is the avg number of total requests could be processed per second (the higher the better).

Latency is the amount of time it takes from when a request is made by the client to the time it takes for the response to get back to that client (the smaller the better).

Throughput is the rate of production or the rate at which data are transferred (the higher the better, it depends from response length (body + headers).

Time To Complete is the total time (in seconds) the test completed (the smaller the better).



📖 Fires 1000000 requests, receives a static message as response.

Name Language Reqs/sec Latency Throughput Time To Complete
Iris Go 284059 438.34us 49.58MB 3.52s
Chi Go 275525 451.01us 48.18MB 3.62s
Echo Go 267815 466.16us 46.64MB 3.74s
Kestrel C# 263479 472.72us 44.68MB 3.80s
Gin Go 263399 472.70us 45.98MB 3.80s
Martini Go 233051 534.43us 40.68MB 4.29s
Koa Javascript 131274 0.93ms 29.24MB 7.50s
Buffalo Go 78963 1.58ms 13.78MB 12.66s
Express Javascript 41078 3.02ms 11.54MB 24.22s


📖 Fires 550000 requests with a dynamic parameter of string, receives a hello text based on the parameter as response.

Name Language Reqs/sec Latency Throughput Time To Complete
Iris Go 277099 449.55us 53.07MB 1.99s
Chi Go 272434 456.62us 52.21MB 2.02s
Echo Go 261467 476.01us 50.14MB 2.10s
Gin Go 259308 480.32us 49.70MB 2.12s
Kestrel C# 233843 534.73us 43.34MB 2.36s
Martini Go 225790 551.37us 43.29MB 2.44s
Koa Javascript 114667 1.08ms 27.21MB 4.78s
Buffalo Go 76747 1.63ms 14.71MB 7.17s
Express Javascript 37110 3.32ms 11.11MB 14.69s


📖 Fires 200000 requests with a dynamic parameter of int, sends JSON as request body and receives JSON as response.

Name Language Reqs/sec Latency Throughput Time To Complete
Iris Go 238954 521.69us 64.15MB 0.84s
Gin Go 229665 541.96us 62.86MB 0.87s
Chi Go 228072 545.78us 62.61MB 0.88s
Echo Go 224491 553.84us 61.70MB 0.89s
Martini Go 198166 627.46us 54.47MB 1.01s
Kestrel C# 163486 766.90us 47.42MB 1.23s
Buffalo Go 102478 1.22ms 28.14MB 1.95s
Koa Javascript 48425 2.56ms 15.39MB 4.14s
Express Javascript 23622 5.25ms 9.04MB 8.41s


This project is licensed under the MIT License.