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Awesome OCR


This list contains links to great software tools and libraries and literature related to Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Contributions are welcome, as is feedback.


OCR engines

  • tesseract - The definitive Open Source OCR engine Apache 2.0
  • ocropus - OCR engine based on LSTM, Apache 2.0
  • ocropus 0.4 - Older v0.4 state of Ocropus, with tesseract 2.04 and iulib, C++
  • kraken - Ocropus fork with sane defaults
  • ocracy - pure javascript lstm rnn implementation based on ocropus
  • Ocrad - The GNU OCR. GPL
  • ocrad.js - Javascript port (emscripten) of ocrad
  • digit - OCR for numbers in meter displays, such as a power meter, using caffe
  • ocular - Machine-learning OCR for historic documents
  • SwiftOCR - fast and simple OCR library written in Swift
  • Attention-OCR - OCR engine using visual attention mechanisms

OCR file formats


  • hocr-tools - Tools for doing various useful things with hOCR files, Apache 2.0
  • hocr-spec - hOCR 1.1 specification
  • ocr-transform - CLI tool to convert between hOCR and ALTO, MIT
  • hocr-parser - hOCR Specification Python Parser
  • hOCRTools - hOCR to ALTO conversion XSLT




  • moz-hocr-editor - Firefox Addon for editing hOCR files Discontinued
  • qt-box-editor - QT4 editor of tesseract-ocr box files.
  • ocr-gt-tools - Client-Server application for editing OCR ground truth.
  • Paperwork - Using scanners and OCR to grep paper documents the easy way (Linux only).
  • gImageReader - gImageReader is a simple Gtk/Qt front-end to tesseract-ocr.
  • VietOCR - A Java/.NET GUI frontend for Tesseract OCR engine, including jTessBoxEditor a graphical Tesseract box data editor
  • PoCoTo - Fast interactive batch corrections of complete OCR error series in OCR'ed historical documents.
  • OCRFeeder - GTK graphical user interface that allows the users to correct characters or bounding boxes, ODT export and more.

OCR Preprocessing

OCR as a Service

  • Open OCR - Run Tesseract in Docker containers
  • tesseract-web-service - An implementation of RESTful web service for tesseract-OCR using tornado.
  • docker-ocropy - A Docker container for running the ocropy OCR system.
  • ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK Code samples - Code samples for using the proprietary commercial ABBYY OCR API.
  • nidaba - An expandable and scalable OCR pipeline
  • gamera - A meta-framework for building document processing applications, e.g. OCR
  • ocr-tools - Project to provide CLI and web service interfaces to common OCR engines
  • ocrad-docker - Run the ocrad OCR engine in a docker container
  • kraken-docker - Run the kraken OCR engine in a docker container

OCR evaluation

OCR libraries by programming language


  • gosseract - Golang OCR library, wrapping Tesseract-ocr.


  • Tess4J - Java Native Access bindings to Tesseract.
  • tess-two - Tools for compiling Tesseract on Android and Java API.





  • pytesseract - A Python wrapper for Google Tesseract.
  • pyocr - A Python wrapper for Tesseract and Cuneiform.
  • ocrodjvu - A library and standalone tool for doing OCR on DjVu documents, wrapping Cuneiform, gocr, ocrad, ocropus and tesseract


  • rtesseract - Ruby library wrapping the tesseract and imagemagick executables.
  • ruby-tesseract - Native Tesseract bindings for Ruby MRI and JRuby

OCR training tools

  • glyph-miner - A system for extracting glyphs from early typeset prints


OCR-related publication and link lists

Blog Posts and Tutorials

OCR Showcases

  • abbyy-finereader-ocr-senate - Using OCR to parse scanned Senate Financial Disclosure forms.
  • cvOCR - An OCR system for recognizing resume or cv text, implemented in Python and C and based on tesseract
  • MathOCR - A printed scientific document recognition system, pre-alpha

Academic articles

2011 and before