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Osprey Delight is the free-minded artist's choice for a clutter-free and blazingly fast single-page portfolio.


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Osprey Delight is the free-minded artist's choice for a clutter-free and blazingly fast single-page portfolio.

It's perfectly suited to show off your awesome work!

It tastes a bit different than the great Osprey theme and adds awesome modular functionality to your delight.


Check out how Osprey Delight performs in the real-world:

  • Hugo Mods - This theme is built around the Hugo Mods presented on the site. This site also has the complete source code available.
  • Protonaut Music - Musician and top contributor whose highly recognizable site got kickstarted by the theme.
  • KDEVO - It wouldn't be me if I would not run this theme personally to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


  • Modular and made out of extensible section building blocks:
    • About: Introduce yourself
    • Gallery: Show your work using a grid-based gallery with interactive modal boxes
    • Blog: Lightweight blog features
    • Contact: Contact form with Basin support and built-in spambot protection
  • Use your high-quality images assets:
    • Lazy image loading plus completely automatic resizing using lazyimg module
    • Blur-up technique using automatic low-quality image placeholders (LQIP)
    • Modern WebP support with fallback for older browsers
  • SEO:
  • Delightful UX:
    • Choose between different themes
    • Awesome social icons in footer via icons module
    • Smooth scrolling plus scroll-spy
    • Automatically fetches GitHub repo data
    • Sane fallbacks for No-Script/No-JS users
  • Heavily customizable - no need to maintain a fork!

In general, many open issues of the original theme have been resolved and code has been rewritten.

Contribute and show your support

There are multiple ways to show your support if you like this project:


Please make sure to have Hugo's extended version and Go installed. If you're new to Hugo, visit the docs for more info and general site setup.

Initialize your repo as a module (replace <username> and <projectname>):

hugo mod init<username>/<projectname>

Download the documented config file, e.g. via curl:

curl -O

Continue reading for configuration options.


Receive the latest features of the theme:

hugo mod get -u

It is good practice to check the release notes before upgrading.

Configuration and Usage

It's best if you simply check out the fully commented config file. This theme follows a learning-by-doing approach.


This theme is asset-driven! It "knows" how to handle your precious assets, and there usually is no need for manual resizing. For that to work, provide all of the following images in the assets directory (do not use the static directory).

The following table shows recommendations regarding the required assets:

Image Type Config Key Minimum Width Note
Logo logoBig (config.yaml) 200px Transparent, minimum margin top/bottom
Navbar-Logo logoSmall (config.yaml) 96px Transparent, small margin top/bottom, prefer square format
Gallery image (content/gallery/*) 400px Transparent, medium margin top/bottom/left/right, prefer square or landscape format
Background background (config.yaml) 1920px Optional, use a high-quality JPG

Content files

About section

To create an about section that renders on the home page, run:

hugo new

Gallery item

To create a new gallery item, run:

hugo new gallery/

You will get a fully documented file, which describes each config option separately.

Contact form

Basin is a free AJAX contact form service that is used by this theme.

To set it up:

  1. Sign up for a free account and create a form.
  2. Copy and paste your form's URL endpoint to the ajaxBasin config.yaml parameter.
  3. Select the Submit this form via AJAX option on your Basin dashboard.

Basin AJAX setup

Enable spambot protection

Under "Setup" → "Set a Custom Honeypot Field", input _anti_spam_honeypot. Basin will ignore all messages that contain this specific field. This should work since there is a hidden field that users normally do not use, but spambots will blindly input their data.

Basin Anti Spambot

Please do not make a tick in the "reCAPTCHA" checkbox, this service is not supported and also typically not necessary.

Learn more

Customize it

Want to have full control over appearance? Check out how to customize the theme more granularly.

Need help?

This theme has a GitHub-powered community forum! Feel free to ask questions in the Q&A (please make sure to completely read the docs and existing discussions/questions).

Help wanted

This README probably needs some documentation improvements for the latest features. Any PR regarding this is welcome. Please also check out how to contribute!