Convert JSONs to CSVs using simple mapping.
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composer require keboola/csvmap


The module's configuration must be an object where each item's key is a path in the parsed object (. delimited for nesting by default).

For example, getting X from object A:

    "A": {
        "X": "this"

Would be done by defining an item with a key A.X.

Each item must contain the information below:

  • type: Optional, column by default. Possible values: column, table, user.
    • column will store the value from its key into a CSV column
    • table will create a "child" CSV and link through a primary key or a hash, if no primary key is defined
    • user will look into an array in the second argument of the parse function and fill a CSV column with its value

Column configuration

  • mapping: Required, must contain destination:
    • destination: Target column in the output CSV file
    • primaryKey: Optional, boolean. If set to true, the column will be included in the primary key
  • forceType: Optional, if a value is not scalar, it'll be JSON encoded

Table configuration

  • destination: Required, a target CSV file name

  • tableMapping: Required, mapping of all child table's columns

    • This is a recursive configuration object that must contain settings by the same definition as the "root" of this configuration
  • parentKey: Optional, can be used to set the parent/child link as a primary key in the chuld or override the link's column name in the child

    • primaryKey: boolean, same as in column
    • destination: Name of the link column (if not used, name of the parent table . _pk is used by default)
    • disable: boolean, if set to non-false value, the parent key in the child table, as well as the column in the parent will not be saved
  • If the destination is the same as the current parsed 'type' (destination of the parent), parentKey.disable must be true to preserve consistency of structure of the child and parent

User configuration

Same as column, except the key of the object is not searched for in the parsed data, but in an array passed to the parser to inject user data