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Merge old source map and new source map in multi-transform flow
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Merge old source map and new source map in multi-transform flow


var merge = require('merge-source-map')

merge(oldMap, newMap)

Merge old source map and new source map and return merged. If old or new source map value is falsy, return another one as it is.

oldMap : object|undefined
old source map object
newmap : object|undefined
new source map object


var esprima    = require('esprima'),
    estraverse = require('estraverse'),
    escodegen  = require('escodegen'),
    convert    = require('convert-source-map'),
    merge      = require('merge-source-map')

const CODE = 'a = 1',
      FILEPATH = 'a.js'

// create AST of original code
var ast = esprima.parse(CODE, {sourceType: 'module', loc: true})

// transform AST of original code
estraverse.replace(ast, {
  enter: function(node, parent) { /* change AST */ },
  leave: function(node, parent) { /* change AST */ }

// generate code and source map from transformed AST
var gen = escodegen.generate(ast, {
  sourceMap: FILEPATH,
  sourceMapWithCode: true,
  sourceContent: CODE

// merge old source map and new source map
var oldMap = convert.fromSource(CODE) && convert.fromSource(CODE).toObject(),
    newMap = JSON.parse(,
    mergedMap = merge(oldMap, newMap),
    mapComment = convert.fromObject(mergedMap).toComment()

// attach merge source map to transformed code
var transformed = gen.code + '\n' + mapComment



% npm install
% npm test


MIT (c) keik

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