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Markdown for the WordPress Block Editor
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Tiny MDE

A chill little Markdown composition interface for the Block Editor. Work-in-progress.

Intentionally slim to serve as a learning example to accompany an upcoming piece for


  • makes it simple to compose with markdown.includes github mentions. emoji. syntax highlighting. 🤤

  • CSS-in-JS library astroturf. A match made in heaven -- as it compiles to static, everyday CSS files, which gives us time to store the reference to the database for block validation. Get sassy with precss, do @imports, win the scope war. No runtime baggage.

  • Parcel is a great way to manage a project configuration for something with the scope of a block.

  • Accessible: No JS on the frontend, JSX-ally in the editor. 💪🏾


TINY MDE © 2019+, Tiny Pixel Collective Released under the MIT License.

Built with ReactMDE, ShowdownJS. 🙏

Authored and maintained by Kelly Mears.  ·  GitHub @pixelcollective  ·  Twitter @tinydevteam

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