Example Kubernetes controller that manages deployments using Jira
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WIP: Jira to Kubernetes bridge. Stay tunned!


jira-deployment-controller -h
Usage of jira-deployment-controller:
  -expose-field-id string
    	The expose custom field ID.
  -fail-transition-id string
    	The failed transition ID.
  -filter-id string
    	The Jira search filter ID
  -host string
    	The Jira host address. (default "")
  -image-field-id string
    	The image custom field ID.
  -in-progress-transition-id string
    	The in progress transition ID.
  -name-field-id string
    	The name custom field ID.
  -replicas-field-id string
    	The replicas custom field ID.
  -success-transition-id string
    	The success transition ID.
  -sync-interval int
    	The sync interval in seconds. (default 30)


export JIRA_USERNAME="ninja"
jira-deployment-controller \
  -host \
  -in-progress-transition-id 21 \
  -success-transition-id 31 \
  -fail-transition-id 41 \
  -name-field-id customfield_10104 \
  -image-field-id customfield_10103 \
  -replicas-field-id customfield_10102 \
  -expose-field-id customfield_10101 \
  -filter-id deployments
2016/08/07 11:54:39 Processing 1 issues.
2016/08/07 11:54:39 Processing issue 10000
2016/08/07 11:54:39 Deployed container: nginx:1.10 replicas: 2 exposed: true successfully

Kubernetes Deployment Example

Create Jira Secrets

kubectl create secret generic jira --from-literal=password=XXXXXXXX

Create Jira Deployment Controller Deployment

kubectl create -f deployments/jira-deployment-controller.yaml