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vscode extension for quick gists
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Gist Extension

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Access your GitHub Gists within Visual Studio Code. You can add, edit, and delete public and private gists.


Press F1 and narrow down the list commands by typing extension. Pick Extensions: Install Extensions. Select the Gist Extension extension from the list.

GitHub Profiles

NOTE: You must provide a personal access token to be authenticated with GitHub or a GitHub Enterprise instance.

Press F1 and type select profile to initialize the profile selector. You can add as many profiles as you would like.


If you are using a GitHub Enterprise account, be sure to add the appropriate API url. This extension uses the REST v3 API by GitHub. Your GHE API url should look similar to this: http(s)://[hostname]/api/v3 (documentation)


Create Gists

You must have a file open and active to create a gist.

Press F1 and enter the following:

GIST: Create New Gist

You will be prompted a gist description.

Open/Edit Gists

Press F1 and enter one fo the following:

GIST: Open Gist
GIST: Open Favorite Gist

All files associated with the gist will be opened in group layout.

Once you have opened an owned* gist, saving it will commit a new revision.

* an owned gist is one created by you, not a favorited (starred) gist.

You can also use the following commands:

GIST: Delete Gist
GIST: Delete File
GIST: Add File
GIST: Open Gist In Browser
GIST: Insert Text From Gist File

Extension Settings

Mostly you will not need to change these settings.

Setting Type Default Value Purpose
maxFiles Number 10 The maximum number of files to open without a prompt.
defaultPrivate Boolean false Defaults all newly created Gists to PRIVATE.
profileOptions Object {} Override profile configuration options.

profileOptions gives you some debugging capabilities. You can provide a profile name along with key, url, and rejectUnauthorized values. Before you can use profileOptions you *MUST* have the profile created.

interface ProfileOptions {
    key?: string; // the personal access token to use
    url?: string; // the REST endpoint to use
    rejectUnauthorized?: boolean; // set this to false if you are having ssl issues with your enterprise REST endpoint

An example value for profileOptions would be something like this:

    "GHE": { // "GHE" MUST correspond with the name used when originally configuring the profile
        "rejectUnauthorized": false

All Commands & Keyboard Mappings

Here is a list of commands and their mapped keyboard shortcuts

Command Command Pallet Label Keyboard Mapping Notes Open Gist ctrl+alt+o
extension.gist.openFavorite Open Favorite Gist not mapped
extension.gist.create Create New Gist not mapped
extension.gist.openInBrowser Open Gist In Browser ctrl+alt+b
extension.gist.delete Delete Gist not mapped
extension.gist.deleteFile Delete File not mapped
extension.gist.add Add File ctrl+alt+a ctrl+alt+a
extension.gist.insert Insert Text From Gist File not mapped Select Profile ctrl+alt+=
extension.resetState n/a ctrl+shift+0 Delete All Extension Memory (removes auth tokens)

Show Your Support

If you'd like to support Gist, please consider the following — feel free to choose more than one. 😉


vscode-gist is maintained by Ken Howard.

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