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Codeforcify is a CODEFORCES problem parser ⭐️
Python C++
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Codeforcify Build Status

Problem Solving Made Easy
currently we support C++ solutions only

Requirements Installation

You should have python3, python3-pip & python3-tk installed

sudo apt install make python3 python3-pip python3-tk

Then after cloning the repository, Install requirements using pip3

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

How to use

  1. Run the Parser from the terminal

  2. Login to CodeForces.
    NOTE: API key & API secret are optional(helpful in case of private submissions).

  3. Copy and paste the problem link, choose an editor.

  4. Press Parse.

  5. The chosen editor will open up with some pre-written code. Write your solution & save.

  6. Press Test.

  7. If ACCEPTED, Press Submit.

How it works

The parser will save your login info (if you choose so) in .user_data.json file in the root directory of the parser. The parser will automatically login if there is any saved info. The parser will parse the input and output in the problem test cases. The parser will open a template with the editor you choose. The parser will test the solution on the sample inputs and outputs of the problem. The parser can test the solution on a given custom input. The parser will submit the solution of the problem and wait for the verdict.

Give me the problem link, write your solution, I will do the rest for you...

</> with ❤️ by Kerollos Magdy
Made for Linux 🐧

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