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A chrome extension which lets you easily download all images opened in tabs
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Save Tabbed Images

A simple and easy-to-use chrome extension to download all images opened as tabs in one click.

Get the extension at the Chrome web store.

demo gif


Install node modules:

npm install

Compile and watch for javascript changes:

npm run watch

Check for linting errors:

npm run lint

Packaging for Chrome web store release

  • Update version in dist/manifest.json
  • Summarize the changes made from the last release (list pull requests) in
  • Create git tag with git tag x.x.x and push it with git push origin --tags
  • Build a production version of webpack bundle with npm run package
  • Create a .zip file of the dist folder named save_tabbed_images_<version>.zip
  • Create a new release in github and attach the .zip file. In the description, add the summary from
  • Upload the .zip file to the chrome web store


Save Tabbed Images is MIT licensed.

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