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Code for performing Clements taxonomy update for Avisys
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Code for performing Clements taxonomy update for Avisys

  1. Clone the repository to a work folder.

  2. Open a Powershell window with the work folder as the current directory. You will run scripts from there.

  3. Run python scripts\ C:\AVI6\{datafolder}\MASTER.AVI in the work folder (substitute the name of a valid AviSys data folder for "{datafolder}"). This will create MASTER.EDT in the work folder; rename it as MASTER.OLD.EDT. It also creates Hawaii-only.txt which may be of interest but is not otherwise used.

  4. Download Clements checklist in CSV format to the work folder.

  5. Download the current ABA checklist in CSV format to the work folder.

  6. Check for any changes in the format of either CSV file and update and/or accordingly.

  7. Run python scripts\ Six files will be created in the work directory:

    Filename Contents
    changes.csv contains lines from Clements that report taxonomic changes
    longnames.txt names that will need to be shortened for AviSys (max 36 characters)
    lostnames.txt names in the old taxonomy that are not in the new
    MASTER.EDT the new taxonomy for input to
    newnames.txt names in the new taxonomy that were not in the old
    subspecies.txt input for creating SSDATA.AVI
  8. If the results show that there are any new names that differ between AOS (ABA) and Clements (eBird), update AOS diffs.csv and run again.

  9. Edit MASTER.EDT to shorten names listed in longnames.txt, if any. Examples:

    Long name Shortened name
  10. Run python scripts\ to create MASTER.UPD. For informational purposes, the file non-ABA.txt is also created to list non-ABA species found on state checklists. Check to make sure that none of the "non-ABA" species are listed because of a name change. If there are such names, correct checklists and rerun makeUpdate.

  11. Run python scripts\ subspecies.txt encode to produce subspecies.txt.jerry; rename it as SSDATA.AVI

  12. Edit changes.csv

    1. Sort on column "Clements change". Cut the lines with "name change - English name" and paste them into a new spreadsheet. In the new spreadsheet, delete all the columns except "text for website" and "English name". Edit each "text for website" value and delete everything except for the old English name, so that you end up with just two columns, old names in column A and new names in column B. Save the new spreadsheet as NEWNAMES11.AVI.CSV.

    2. Delete all remaining lines from changes.csv except for those where the "Clements change" mentions "lump" or "split", or other species changes such as "new species", "species deletion", "reassign subspecies", etc., and save changes.csv for later.

    3. Run python scripts\ to create NEWNAMES11.AVI from NEWNAMES11.AVI.CSV.

  13. Copy MASTER.UPD and NEWNAMES11.AVI to the data folder, and SSDATA.AVI to the main folder, and run the update.

    Then run python scripts\ C:\AVI6\{datafolder}\MASTER.AVI in the work folder again to get the final version of MASTER.EDT. This version will have any changes in N.A. status applied, needed for bandcode generation.

  14. Update bandcode.exceptions.csv as necessary

  15. Run python scripts\ to create and Rename these files as BANDCODE.AVI and BANDSEL.AVI.

  16. Edit BANDSEL.AVI to sort each list with most likely species first.

  17. Update jump lists if necessary. If any changes in aliases, run python scripts\ WORLD to create jump tables\Walias.avi and python scripts\ N.A. to create jump tables\Alias.avi. Beware the AviSys support for jump table aliases is buggy and it may take some trial and error to get a table that works for each alias. That's why I have some dummy entries.

  18. Generate world codes and append these special cases to WLDCODE.AVI, then sort the file. Species marked "dup" must also be added to WORLDSEL.AVI, along with their duplicates. (Also check for any new duplicates).

    daba d'arnaud's barbet     dup
    doct d'orbigny's chat-tyrant
    bobe böhm's bee-eater
    bofl böhm's flycatcher
    fubo fülleborn's boubou
    fulo fülleborn's longclaw
    lubu lühder's bushshrike   dup
    rubu rüppell's bustard     dup
    ruch rüppell's chat        dup
    rugr rüppell's griffon     dup
    rupa rüppell's parrot
    rurc rüppell's robin-chat
    rust rüppell's starling
    ruwa rüppell's warbler
    ruwe rüppell's weaver      dup
  19. Create a folder named update files with two subfolders For Data Folder and For Main Folder.

  20. Copy (or move) files to their destination:

    File Destination folder
    Alias.avi, Alpha.avi, BANDCODE.AVI, BANDSEL.AVI, Famfile.avi, SSDATA.AVI, Walias.avi, Wfam.avi, Wfam2.avi \update files\For Main folder
  21. Package the update files folder for distribution.

  22. Documentation: Edit changes.csv again, and also NEWNAMES11.AVI.CSV.

    1. NEWNAMES11.AVI.CSV: Tabulate name changes in renames.html.

    2. changes.csv: Tabulate splits and lumps in changes.html. This is a time-consuming step and I may not do it in the future, since the Clements summary is fairly good.

  23. Run the entire update to test it.

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