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PlantDB_5335_U0.csv Plant Database Rip CSV; 5335 Plants Apr 17, 2019 Update Apr 17, 2019


This is a rip of the HHCC Xiaomi Mi Flora Flower Care plant database.

The Mi Flora plant sensor is an amazing and affordable little BT Low energy plant sensor that measures the soil temperature, moisture and conductivity along with the light levels

Sadly, the HHCC Flower Care app is extremely limited; for instance it is very difficult to manage anything beyond a couple of sensors and each sensor can only be assigned to a single plant; the app offers no interoperability with other software or services and requires the user to use their phone to sync and monitor each device. These limitations severally reduce the usefulness of these sensors.

This sensor has had its communication protocol reverse engineered and is used widely by users with home automation applications such as Home Assistant. There are also a number of projects such as OpenMQTTGateway and flora that enable to use of an ESP32 Microcontroller as a MQTT gateway for the sensors. The problem is without the plant database the information provided by these sensors is not as useful as it could be; my hope is that releasing this data will help the development community utilize this sensor to it’s full potential and will enable the database to be further refined and expanded. Special thanks to AnderssonPeter on the Home Assistant community for his hard work reverse engineering the HHCC App’s API.

Current Data

Entries: 5335

Formats: CSV


5535 Images / 394 MB



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