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Sopel Modules to interact with Monero NodeJS Pool
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Sopel Modules to interact with Monero NodeJS Pool gives info on Pool:

last - info on last mined block
status - info on pool statistics
effort - if only effort gives current round effort if a X string is given it will give the average effort on last X number of blocks 
stats - Gives miner info for given wallet address mining on the pool
mine - How much xmr mined per given Hashrate
solo - Expected time to find block with given Hashrate sends message to IRC #chan when new block is found gives info on Monero Network:

network - Blockheight Diff and Hashrate
fork - Info on next upcoming fork
mempool - number Txs in mempool
blocksize - Median Blocksize


Sopel Irc Bot -



Edit the files to use the pool you which, this example uses

Copy files to ~/.sopel/modules/

Reload the bot and go


Feel free to send some XMR


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