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Kiibohd Force

This is the firmware for the Kiibohd Force Curve Gauge. While this firmware is open, the hardware to build a proper force curve gauge is rather expensive :/

Supported Hardware

  • Imada Force Gauges (Analog Out)
  • iGaging 35-712-P
  • AEL-200-500N Motorized Force Stand


Compilation is possible and tested on Windows/Linux/Mac. Linux is the easiest using this VM.

Refer to the Kiibohd Controller for detailed compilation instructions.

Supported Microcontrollers

  • Teesny 3.0
  • Teensy 3.1


Contributions welcome!

  • Bug reports
  • Documentation and Wiki editing
  • Patches (including new features)


Licensing is done on a per-file basis. Some of the source code is from PJRC/Teensy, other source code is from the McHck Project. Code written specifically for the Kiibohd Controller use the following licenses:

  • MIT
  • GPLv3
  • Public Domain


If you really need to get a hold of HaaTa, email is best:

IRC is likely faster though.