An Express Server implemented using GraphQL
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An simple Express Server implemented using GraphQL and Apollo. This repo is attached to a series of articles with detailed explanations of the implementations:

Part 1: Implementing GraphQL using APollo on an Express Server - Use the master branch.

Part 2: Creating GraphQL Subscriptions in Express - Use the subscriptions branch.

The repo is also linked to another GraphQL-React-Apollo with front end implementations ing React using Apollo with corresponding articles.

Setup and Installation.

Note: Configure the port on the client code to match the CORs origin on this line.

git clone  #for SSH

git clone #for HTTPS

cd GraphQL-Express

npm i #Alternatively yarn

npm start #Alternatively yarn start

For any issues with nodemon, install it globally.

npm install nodemon -g # Alternatively yarn global add nodemon

Navigate to localhost to experiment with different queries.

You can explore npx to avoid global installation of modules.