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This Apache Maven plugin informs Bugsnag of a new release of your application, requiring only minimum configuration.


To use this third-party Maven plugin you'll need to add com.kinbiko as a pluginGroup in your ~/.m2/settings.xml. At a bare minimum, your settings.xml should look like:



Under your build>plugins tag in the pom.xml of your project add the following.

Please see The official docs for information around what each property means.

  <version>{See the GitHub releases tab for versions}</version>
    <!-- Required: -->
    <apiKey>{Your API key here}</apiKey>

    <!-- Optional: -->
    <appVersion>{E.g. 4.1.5}</appVersion> <!-- default: ${project.version} -->
    <builderName>{E.g. Malcolm Reynolds}</builderName> <!-- default: ${user.name} -->
    <metadata> <!-- no default value -->
      <!-- Add any metadata you want here. E.g. -->
      <myProp>my value</myProp>
    <sourceControl> <!-- no default value -->
      <provider>{E.g. github}</provider> <!-- one of: 'github', 'github-enterprise', 'bitbucket', 'bitbucket-server', 'gitlab', 'gitlab-onpremise' -->
      <!-- Required when sourceControl is defined: -->
      <repository>{E.g. https://github.com/kinbiko/bugsnag-maven-plugin}</repository>
      <revision>{E.g. d2a7b36}</revision> <!-- Short or long SHA-1 hash both supported -->
    <releaseStage>{E.g. staging}</releaseStage> <!-- default: 'production' -->
    <autoAssignRelease>true</autoAssignRelease> <!-- no default value -->

You can notify Bugsnag about a new release of your application through:

mvn bugsnag:release

NOTE: The first time you run this command, you may have to force an update with -U.

mvn -U bugsnag:release

You may also optionally drop the default releaseStage with -Drelease.skipReleaseStage=true

mvn bugsnag:release -Drelease.skipReleaseStage=true

Alternatively, this can be configured similar to the above config properties with <skipReleaseStage>true</skipReleaseStage>.