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slides from talks that Kindly Ops crew have given
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  • Scaling Risk Analysis with reproducible notebooks (SIRACon 2019 Cincinnati)

  • What is GRC? Explaining the current landscape

  • A modern reporting toolchain: RMarkdown with containers (R user group Portland)

  • Serverless Egress without Cold Start (AWS Portsmouth User Group

  • Redefining collaboration norms as your company grows (DevOpsDays Boston 2016 Keynote)

  • Containers in Regulated Environments (Container Days Boston)

  • Safeguarding Sensitive Data in the Cloud (SPAN Conf London)

  • Minimizing Misery in Regulated Environments (AutomaCon Hack Day Portland)

  • Overcoming Regulatory Burden in Startups (DevOpsDays Boston 2015)

  • Observability, the new incompetence. Part 1: open your eyes (Portland Maine Ruby Meetup 2013)

  • A Cloud on My Desk: reducing complexity using open source tools (OSEHRA Open Source Summit 2013)


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